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Our camp week is now upon us and the excitement is building. Wednesday is our departure date. I hope everyone is organised for the camp including packing lots of warm gear and waterproofs as it seems our lovely sunny wintery weather is deserting us and we may be in for some wet weather. An extra pair of shoes is a must. 

Please remember recess, lunch and a drink are needed for the first day. 

As stated in previous information students need to arrive at school at the normal time on Wednesday for a departure around 9.30-9.45.  We should be returning at approximately 2.15 on the Friday. As Friday is the last day of term, students will be dismissed from school upon our return. 


As part of our unit on earth and space sciences the students worked in their science groups to produce a movie using cutouts and audio to describe how solar and lunar eclipses occur.

Last week we viewed the finished products. Some groups went into a lot of detail and all groups clearly explained the differences between the two eclipses. This was a very interactive and successful learning experience.



The students are using an app called Makers Empire to design and make a product. We are now well underway with our 3D printing of our key rings or bag tags. A couple of students have already printed their 3D designs some have finished and are awaiting printing while others are still in design mode. Below are photos of  some designs and a finished product.

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Creative Poetry

The students wrote some descriptive poems entitled The Deserted House. Everyone had to choose 3 rooms or places that might be found in a deserted house. Each room had a special verse about it. 

Here is an example of one of the verses. 

In the attic I find

A broken desk collapsed on one leg

Beautiful art hanging by a single nail

Pieces of globe smashed onto the carpet

A piano covered in dust

And the only sound I hear is the tune of the piano playing on its own

The poems were displayed behind cut out windows or doors of very creatively drawn deserted houses. Below are some of the examples on display. 

Maths and Literature 

I read the book Fractions in Disguise which was all about a stolen fraction and how a person made a fraction reducer to find the fraction which had been taken and changed to an equivalent fraction. The fraction reducer changed the fraction back into lowest terms, meaning the stolen fraction could be retrieved.

The students had to draw the fraction reducer, write four fractions and reduce them to lowest terms. 


As part of our Earth Sciences unit we looked at ancient timing devices and how the sun was used most effectively to tell the time. The students went through a number of steps to construct their sun dials. As Adelaide’s latitude is 35 degrees south of the equator the sun dials had to be at an angle of 90 degrees minus 35 degrees.

Unfortunately the weather turned cloudy so here are our sundials waiting for their chance to do their stuff!

Camp Notes

Please remember to return all camp medical and dietary requirement forms. 

Tower Arts Centre Workshop

On Tuesday 27th June our class will be walking to the Tower Art Centre on Goodwood Road to attend a performance and workshops in Visual Arts, Media, Dance, Drama and Music. The workshops are being run by Flinders University pre-service teachers. There is no cost for this excursion.

Please complete and return the consent form by Friday 16th June.

Pupil Free Day

I hope everyone has a great long weekend. Remember that Tuesday 13th June is a pupil free day as staff will be attending a training and development session.


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Today we had a preview of the books for sale at our annual book fair. It was great to see the interest shown by so many of the students. The resource centre doors open for sales next Monday and Tuesday from 8.00am – 6.00pm.


Over the next few weeks the students will be working on a geography assignment about cultural diversity around the world. The focus for the assignment will be looking at another country’s indigenous peoples. The students will be formulating a number of inquiry questions to research. Time will be given in class as well as homework to complete the assignment. The assignment outline is in each student’s HASS book. The due date is Friday June 16th.


A reminder that all year 7 students should have returned their high school enrolment forms to the office.


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I hope everyone had a great holiday break. We are one week into the term and are embarking on our new learning challenges.

Below is an overview of some of the topics we will cover.

MATHS- angles, triangles , quadrilaterals and other polygons, fractions and decimals, area and perimeter

HASS- Our geography topic is ‘A Diverse and Connected World’ – this has a focus on the world’s cultural diversity, including that of its indigenous peoples and Australia’s connections with these countries and people

SCIENCE- Our topic is from the Earth and Space sciences section with an inquiry into ‘How do the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon affect phenomena on Earth?’

ENGLISH – A focus in writing on the genres of explanation, information reports and descriptive poetry. We will continue our focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and improving proof reading skills. Reading and  comprehension skills remain at the forefront.

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY- Our school has purchased a 3D printer. We are excited to be working on a 3D printing project. It is fairly new to us all but with Ashley Blight leading us forward I’m excited to see what the students might design and create. Look out for further updates!


The Year 7s will be involved in NAPLAN testing next week. On Tuesday 9th there are 2 tests, Language Conventions and Writing, on Wednesday 10th it is Reading and Thursday 11th it is Maths. We will be starting each day just after 9am, so it is important that all students are punctual. We wish all our Year 7s well. I’m sure they will all be putting in their best efforts.


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What a wonderful day we had yesterday. The weather was perfect and the place was a hive of activity. 

Congratulations to everyone in Room 4 for their wonderful efforts in running their variety of interesting stalls. 




All year 7 students received their high school enrolment packages today. These must be returned to the school by May 26th regardless of the school they will be attending. 


I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday break and comes back refreshed and ready for Term 2.

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Enterprise Day and Science



Enterprise Day is on Wednesday 12th April starting at 12.30pm and finishing at 2.00pm. It is an opportunity to provide real world learning experiences for students. The students in our class are organising a range of activities to contribute to Enterprise Day. Our stalls include, Decorate Your Own Cupcakes, Wet Sponge Throw, Minecraft, T-shirt Painting, Soccer Target Kick, Target Throw, Can Knock Down, Spider Drinks, Bath Bombs and Key Rings.

It would be great if you could talk  to your child about what they are doing and discuss with them what they said they are going to organise/bring as part of their enterprise. No students are expected to spend  large amounts of their own money bringing things for their enterprise activity.

Please remember that Enterprise Day is an important part of the learning programme, particularly of the Australian Curriculum areas of Economics and Business, Mathematics, Health and English  and that the class reflecting on their experience as stall holders and customers is essential to this learning. For this reason we will not be dismissing children early to go home with parents or grandparents. The school day finishes as normal at 3:10pm.


As part of our science unit on Forces we have been looking at the concepts of displacement and air resistance. With that in mind we conducted experiments building plasticine boats to look at displacement of water and parachutes to determine wind resistance.

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Thanks to everyone who has booked an interview time with me next week to discuss their child’s learning. Please note that the interview time is 15 minutes and I will need to closely adhere to the timetable to ensure people are not kept waiting. I look forward to catching up with you next week.


Players from the Port Adelaide Football Club are visiting our class for a 3 week program on healthy living. PAFC supports Foodbank, an organisation that ‘banks’ donations of food to distribute to charities that supply meals to people in need throughout Australia.

Thanks to the students who have already brought in cans of food to add to the collection. It’s not too late if you still wish to donate a can or two.


Last week, all students gave an oral presentation on a topic of interest. It was obvious that a number of students had put a lot of time and effort into their presentations. I certainly learned a number of interesting points on a range of topics. Soon the students will receive their assessment feedback. They will also have a chance to engage in self reflection on the task. 

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On Friday 3rd of March a group of  female engineering students came to the school to run a robotics session with our class.

In groups, the students spent 90 minutes using a computer program to  program the robots to perform a variety of specialised movements.

One activity involved the students having to program the robots so they would stay within the black border of a large shape. The highlight of the session was the finale where the robots battled it out to see which one could force the other out of the boundary or push it over. The cheering and excitement from all teams was a great indication of the enjoyment and learning that took place.


Parent/teacher meetings will take place in the week beginning Monday 27th March. In the next week or so each child will bring a note home about this, indicating how you will be able to book into an interview time online. Please look out for this.

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It’s great to see so many school leaders in our class this year.

Our class SRC representatives this year are Charlie, Charlotte, Ethan and Demi.

We also have Tilly, Callum, Aneesa and Jacob as members of the SRC Executive.

Congratulations to those students. I’m sure they will be very positive representatives for our class and the entire student body.

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Despite the weather conditions, our aquatics session last Monday was both successful and enjoyable. There were a host of favourable comments from all the students. Below are some of the quotes:

“When we finally picked up our pace and were comfortable on the canoe, someone decided to stop paddling and shake the canoe. We were all terrified of capsizing the canoe so we all screamed. What was funny about  that was once  you stopped screaming you could hear the echoing screams down the lake.”

 “My favourite activity was the sailing because I thought tacking and steering the boat was fun. I also loved it when we nearly capsized because it gave me a rush of adrenaline.” 

“Kayaking was one of the most fun and tiring activities.It was fun to paddle and feel the pull forwards from it. We had to work together with the other person in the kayak.”

“Surfing was a real challenge but I managed to stand up and ride the waves a few times.”

The behaviour and enthusiastic participation by all students was terrific. Well done everyone.


As stated in the note sent home last week to the youngest in the family, CLG’s Acquaintance Night is on Wednesday 15th February. This is a time for parents to come along and find out more information about the routines and learning that will happen this year in our class.

Our class, Room 4, will be open from 6.45 to 7.30 pm. I will be giving a brief presentation for parents from 7.00 to 7.20. Students do not need to attend this presentation.

I look forward to seeing a number of people on Wednesday.

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