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The weather was perfect, the enthusiasm was high and everyone participated with great energy.

Well done to all the teams for making it such a fun and competitive day. Congratulations to this year’s winning team which was Jackson.

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This term we will use Student Led Conferences as one of the ways we report to parents. The conference will involve the students discussing and reflecting upon selected examples of their learning with their parents. I will be there to offer support as needed. There will be up to four Student Led Conferences taking place concurrently in the classroom.

Student Led Conferences will take place in Term 3, Week 9 from 18th – 21st September. Details of how to book online for the Student Led Conferences were sent home last week with the youngest student in the family.

I look forward to seeing you during this time and I am sure you will find the work your child shares with you interesting and informative.

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It was great to see so many of the older students getting into the spirit of Book Week and dressing up for the parade. Our class contributed to the parade with a wide variety of book characters. 


All year 7 students will be bringing their NAPLAN results home on Monday. Look out for the package. 


On Wednesday after lunch we will be conducting run offs in house teams to determine who will be running in the relay teams on our Sports Day, Thursday 21st September. 


We are a Sun Smart accredited school. To maintain our accreditation our Sun Safe policy needs to reflect the Cancer Council’s guidelines. Their policy states that hats need to be worn from September 1st. So it’s time to find those hats again in preparation for the event. 

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Well done to everyone in Room 4 for their great efforts at our assembly launch for Book Week. I was very impressed by their efforts as was Simone, our librarian.

The students organised themselves in groups to highlight a book of their choice for this year’s Book Week theme of  Escape  to Everywhere.

Our amazing cabin crew and pilots took us through our safety checks and then began by flying us to the various destinations.

We first encountered scenes from the book Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas, then flew to the Aussie outback for music and poetry from The Magic Pudding. The Cat in the Hat entertained us next followed by a fabulous scene from Harry Potter. A visit to Heartlake City by the Lego girls was a fitting finale. 

Thanks to the parents who were able to make it along to watch our assembly. 


This week on Friday 25th we have our annual Book Week parade. The parade is scheduled for 10.20 on the court outside the library. Everyone is encouraged to dress up as a character from a book. The students may come dressed in their costumes and remain in them for the day if they are comfortable and it is appropriate for their learning.


A reminder that the first of our 4 week block of Growth and Development sessions begins this Friday. 


Thanks to everyone who participated in our lapathon and helped raise money for our school. At last count we had raised a staggering $29 387.30. What an amazing effort by our school community. 

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Today all students (and their teacher who was marking off laps!) braved the cold to complete CLG’s  fundraising lapathon. Luckily the rain stayed away. Well done to everyone in Room 4 for the commitment they showed. Thank you to all the sponsors. Sponsorship money should be returned over the next week. 



School photos will take place the week after next. Our class photo is scheduled for 9.15 on Wednesday August 16th. Family photos will take place after recess on that same day. All students have received a photo envelope. Photo money should be brought to school on photo day and not before. Thank you. 

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Welcome back everyone to the start of a new term. Last term finished with our school camp. A great time was had by all at Mylor with loads of adventurous activities on offer. I hope you have all had a chance to talk and hear the stories about camp.

Below are a selection of photos that give an insight into the variety of activities on offer.












This term for Maths we will be focussing on area and perimeter, decimals, volume and capacity. For science we are looking at a unit on biological sciences with a focus on what is classification and how living things are classified. We will also look at how food chains and food webs show relationships within a habitat. In HASS we are focussing on a history unit of inquiry about ancient China and a business studies unit about the types and purposes of businesses and factors that contribute to the financial success of a business. In English the students will give an oral presentation about an author while writing will be in the form of reviews, reports and biographies. Individual and group reading, plus reading for meaning remain a focus. In health we will be reviewing child protection topics such as the right to be safe, relationships and recognising and reporting abuse. Kidz Biz Education will provide us with our growth and development program.

This term we also have Lapathon, school photos, Book Week, (our class are organising the Book Week launch assembly on Friday 18th August), Sports Day, Festival of Music for a number of our students, Student Led Conferences, plus some students involved in events such as SAPSASA, Tournament of the Minds and Robotics just to name a few!

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Our camp week is now upon us and the excitement is building. Wednesday is our departure date. I hope everyone is organised for the camp including packing lots of warm gear and waterproofs as it seems our lovely sunny wintery weather is deserting us and we may be in for some wet weather. An extra pair of shoes is a must. 

Please remember recess, lunch and a drink are needed for the first day. 

As stated in previous information students need to arrive at school at the normal time on Wednesday for a departure around 9.30-9.45.  We should be returning at approximately 2.15 on the Friday. As Friday is the last day of term, students will be dismissed from school upon our return. 


As part of our unit on earth and space sciences the students worked in their science groups to produce a movie using cutouts and audio to describe how solar and lunar eclipses occur.

Last week we viewed the finished products. Some groups went into a lot of detail and all groups clearly explained the differences between the two eclipses. This was a very interactive and successful learning experience.



The students are using an app called Makers Empire to design and make a product. We are now well underway with our 3D printing of our key rings or bag tags. A couple of students have already printed their 3D designs some have finished and are awaiting printing while others are still in design mode. Below are photos of  some designs and a finished product.

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Creative Poetry

The students wrote some descriptive poems entitled The Deserted House. Everyone had to choose 3 rooms or places that might be found in a deserted house. Each room had a special verse about it. 

Here is an example of one of the verses. 

In the attic I find

A broken desk collapsed on one leg

Beautiful art hanging by a single nail

Pieces of globe smashed onto the carpet

A piano covered in dust

And the only sound I hear is the tune of the piano playing on its own

The poems were displayed behind cut out windows or doors of very creatively drawn deserted houses. Below are some of the examples on display. 

Maths and Literature 

I read the book Fractions in Disguise which was all about a stolen fraction and how a person made a fraction reducer to find the fraction which had been taken and changed to an equivalent fraction. The fraction reducer changed the fraction back into lowest terms, meaning the stolen fraction could be retrieved.

The students had to draw the fraction reducer, write four fractions and reduce them to lowest terms. 


As part of our Earth Sciences unit we looked at ancient timing devices and how the sun was used most effectively to tell the time. The students went through a number of steps to construct their sun dials. As Adelaide’s latitude is 35 degrees south of the equator the sun dials had to be at an angle of 90 degrees minus 35 degrees.

Unfortunately the weather turned cloudy so here are our sundials waiting for their chance to do their stuff!

Camp Notes

Please remember to return all camp medical and dietary requirement forms. 

Tower Arts Centre Workshop

On Tuesday 27th June our class will be walking to the Tower Art Centre on Goodwood Road to attend a performance and workshops in Visual Arts, Media, Dance, Drama and Music. The workshops are being run by Flinders University pre-service teachers. There is no cost for this excursion.

Please complete and return the consent form by Friday 16th June.

Pupil Free Day

I hope everyone has a great long weekend. Remember that Tuesday 13th June is a pupil free day as staff will be attending a training and development session.


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Today we had a preview of the books for sale at our annual book fair. It was great to see the interest shown by so many of the students. The resource centre doors open for sales next Monday and Tuesday from 8.00am – 6.00pm.


Over the next few weeks the students will be working on a geography assignment about cultural diversity around the world. The focus for the assignment will be looking at another country’s indigenous peoples. The students will be formulating a number of inquiry questions to research. Time will be given in class as well as homework to complete the assignment. The assignment outline is in each student’s HASS book. The due date is Friday June 16th.


A reminder that all year 7 students should have returned their high school enrolment forms to the office.


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I hope everyone had a great holiday break. We are one week into the term and are embarking on our new learning challenges.

Below is an overview of some of the topics we will cover.

MATHS- angles, triangles , quadrilaterals and other polygons, fractions and decimals, area and perimeter

HASS- Our geography topic is ‘A Diverse and Connected World’ – this has a focus on the world’s cultural diversity, including that of its indigenous peoples and Australia’s connections with these countries and people

SCIENCE- Our topic is from the Earth and Space sciences section with an inquiry into ‘How do the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon affect phenomena on Earth?’

ENGLISH – A focus in writing on the genres of explanation, information reports and descriptive poetry. We will continue our focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and improving proof reading skills. Reading and  comprehension skills remain at the forefront.

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY- Our school has purchased a 3D printer. We are excited to be working on a 3D printing project. It is fairly new to us all but with Ashley Blight leading us forward I’m excited to see what the students might design and create. Look out for further updates!


The Year 7s will be involved in NAPLAN testing next week. On Tuesday 9th there are 2 tests, Language Conventions and Writing, on Wednesday 10th it is Reading and Thursday 11th it is Maths. We will be starting each day just after 9am, so it is important that all students are punctual. We wish all our Year 7s well. I’m sure they will all be putting in their best efforts.


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